Service Levels

Service Levels

The availability of your server and its perfect operation are essential to your business.

A website that doesn't work anymore, emails that don't arrive, a security flaw exploited by a malicious user, so many uncomfortable situations, with sometimes heavy consequences, and that it is not necessarily easy to manage when you are not a system administration professional. However, these situations are frequent and the life of a server is unfortunately made of incidents and unexpected problems...

The increasing complexity of systems and their evolution in an ever more threatening environment makes it necessary to choose a level of service adapted to your needs, your usage and your degree of autonomy.

Level 0 - Standard

The level Standard is the default level when you order a server, namely :

  • Magic provides you with a server, i.e. hardware and network resources, but does not administer this server.
  • As the administrator of the server, the customer remains solely responsible for its use, updates, the operation of software (including those originally installed) and more generally all files and data on the server.
  • The customer is therefore supposed to have the necessary skills for the administration of a server, or failing that to call upon a third party, the latter bears the responsibility for the interventions.
  • Magic may, however, at the customer's request, call in its engineers to assist him, under the conditions described below.

Conditions of intervention

The interventions are carried out only during working hoursWe are available from Monday to Friday, except on public holidays, from 9am to 6pm. There is no guaranteed time of intervention, these are carried out on the principle of the best effort.

Indeed, any intervention is invoiced proportionally to the time spent, by indivisible 60 minutes. This hour credit is valid indefinitely. At each intervention, the technician deducts the time spent from your hour credit.

Each request for intervention must necessarily be the subject of the opening of a ticket by the customer from his customer area. For security reasons, no request will be handled directly by phone. After qualifying the request and estimating the time required, the engineer will carry out the intervention. The intervention report takes the form of a response to the ticket opened by the customer.

Level 1 - Serenity - 15€/month

The level Serenity focuses on the essential: server health status and security updates.

This level includes:

  • Periodic checks of your server Check-up: at least once a month, we check the health of your server: control of services, verification of available updates, etc. This "check-up" is characterized by the sending of a report by e-mail of the problems possibly detected, the points which deserve your attention and the actions which we recommend if necessary.
  • OS/Plesk updates Updates: Every month we apply updates to the operating system and the Plesk control panel. So your server is always up to date without you having to worry about it.

This level of service is therefore the bare minimum if you have neither the time nor the skills to administer a server.

N.B. : The level Serenity is not compatible with older generations of offerings (servers ordered before June 20, 2014).

Level 2 - Pro - 45€/month

The level Pro is suitable for professional use of the server includes, in addition to the functions of the Serenity Level :

  • Premium Support Your tickets are prioritized in the queue and answered in record time; you also have access to a non-overtaxed Hotline 7 days a week, 24 hours a day;
  • Interventions 1h30 per month (non-cumulative): this level includes up to 1.5 hours of intervention per month by our engineers on your server: incident management, auditing and investigations, software installation and updating... you can entrust all these operations to our experts and concentrate on your business instead. This credit of hours is not cumulative from one month to another;
  • Guaranteed response time In the event of a declared incident, we intervene within a maximum of 4 hours, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

N.B.. : The level Pro is not compatible with older generations of offerings (servers ordered before June 20, 2014).

Conditions of intervention

The interventions are carried out as specified above (level Standard) :

  • Requests for assistance that involve incidents (disruptions or interruptions in service) are handled 7 days a week, 24 hours a day;
  • The customer does not need to credit hours until he/she has used his/her monthly credit of 1.5 hours.

The Pro level of service therefore allows you toAdminister your server autonomouslyall by relying on an expert service available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, able to replace or reinforce your own team.


Level 3 - Business - 90€/month

Server 100% managed by NUXIT

The level Business allows you to delegate the administration of your server entirely to NUXIT. We speak then of managed 100% server (or 100% managed). With this mode of operation, there are transfer of responsibilities to the host regarding the software administration of the server :

  • NUXIT becomes the administrator of the server and therefore guarantees the proper functioning of the hardware and software
  • Therefore, the client no longer has administrator access but with extended user access allowing him to act autonomously, without being able to modify the system parameters.

This level includes, in addition to the functions of the Pro Level :

  • Functional guarantees As the server administrator, we guarantee that the operating system and its control panel (Plesk) work perfectly;
  • SLA 99.9% We guarantee 99.9% of availability for your platform and pay penalties if this commitment is not respected (5% of monthly rent per hour of unavailability);
  • GTI 45mn In the event of a declared incident, we intervene within 45 minutes on your server 7 days a week, 24 hours a day;
  • Monitoring We monitor the availability of your services and intervene 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, proactively in the event of an incident, without you even needing to contact us;
  • Resource tracking We monitor closely (graphs...) the consumption of the server resources and alert you if the thresholds are exceeded;
  • Customer Account Manager : you have a direct contact for an optimal follow-up of your requests

The level of service Business is therefore particularly suitable for companies that wish to delegate the administration of their server entirely and focus exclusively on their business.

Attention This level of service applies exclusively to the ordering of a new server and requires the license Plesk Web Host Edition. For any existing server, please contact us.

Level 4 - Critical Business - Customized

The level Critical Business corresponds to the most critical needs in terms of responsiveness and service. In particular, this level allows:

  • High availability We can design and manage a dedicated high-availability platform consisting of multiple servers to ensure maximum performance, resilience and security;
  • Free choice of technologies :we can manage any type of platform and technology within the LAMP framework.
  • Customized procedures : our engineers adapt to your procedures and are able to execute customized services for your company;
  • Third Party Application Maintenance (TMA) You can delegate to us, in addition to the outsourcing of the platform, the maintenance of your own software tools;
  • Referring engineer A technical referent is designated for your platform; he/she will be the main contact for all your requests and the technical manager in charge of your platform.

The level Critical Business therefore allows to adapt to all your constraints by providing you with a customized solutionThis level of service is highly personalized and requires a pre-sales study. The highly personalized nature of this level of service requires a pre-sales study. Contact us to initiate the review of your application.

Updated on 26 August 2019

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