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Domain name renewal scam

Several American companies have been using practices that are questionable, to say the least.

    • Domain Registry of America (DROA)
    • Domain Renewal Group, etc.

Beware, other companies are now copying this approach.

These companies use the WHOIS databases (worldwide domain name database) to relaunch by regular mail the domain name holders (your company!). The mail looks "official" and encourages you to renew your domain name without further delay. The price is usually quite exorbitant.

Here is a example of a letter that can be sent to you.

Obviously, it is not necessary to follow up on it. Not only will these companies collect your payment, but they will be unable to renew the domain name.

In general, be careful and remember that except in exceptional cases, we never send postal mail. We communicate by e-mail and most of the time in French.

Updated on 29 November 2022

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