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Suspension of a domain

A domain is suspended for several reasons. In this article, we will explain the explanation and the solution when a domain is deactivated.


When a domain name expires, it is totally deactivated. Any service linked to it (website, messaging, or other) will no longer work.

The status of the domain in the WHOIS is then SuspendedInactive, redemptionPeriod, or REDEMPTION.

The DNS of an expired domain can be the following:


Visit our support link to renew an expired domain.


In accordance with the Whois data accuracy specification introduced by ICANN since January 1, 2014, each registrar is required to verify the registrant contact email address for each gTLD domain name when :

  • A domain name in the process of registration with an unverified registrant contact email address,
  • A domain name being transferred from another Registrar,
  • The contact of the owner is replaced by a contact with an unverified email address,
  • The contact e-mail address of the registrant is changed to an unverified e-mail address.

This verification is not required for ccTLDs and only applies to gTLDs and nTLDs as they are managed by ICANN.

As a result, an e-mail from hostmaster@magic.fr would be sent to the e-mail address of the owner's contact for verification, upon any of the above actions.

The email looks like this.

If the registrant contact does not complete the verification process within 15 days, the domain name will be deactivated.

The DNS servers of the domain will in this case be automatically replaced by :


You just need to access the domain owner's email address to validate the email.

Once this is done, the domain will be back online as soon as the DNS propagations are effective within one hour.

Always remember to check the Spam box as the email may go into the junk mail.

Updated on 10 September 2021

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