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Import a MySQL database

To import a MySQL database, you need to have a backup file with the extension .sql.

If you have a file .sql.gzIt is possible to import it directly.

Access your PhpMyAdmin interface, then click on the Import.

First, empty the database if it is still full, to avoid import errors.

Then click on the button Choose a file. At this point, it is enough to find the file .sql in the right location on your local machine. Select the file and validate.

Click on the button at the bottom Run.

If you have an error in timoutThis means that the uploaded file is large. This is due to the fact that resources are limited, especially for shared offers.

If you have shared hosting, or your server is managed, please upload the file via FTP. Once this is done, open a ticket to ask our technical support to import it for you. Don't forget to specify the file name .sql that you have uploaded to the FTP account of your subscription.

Updated on 19 November 2021

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