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NuxitMax : New shared hosting offer


Resilient to outages, ultra secure and with accelerated load times, NuxitMAX launches in September 2021.

It is a range of hosting designed for intensive use. A hybrid cloud product.

You benefit from a high level of security and performance while keeping management as simple as traditional hosting.

Services included

The NuxitMax offer allows you to host only one site.


This service protects your website by blocking these attacks while taking care not to compromise legitimate traffic.


This service acts as an intermediary memory to store static data. It reduces the number of requests made to the origin server and reserves resource consumption for more important tasks.


Content Delivery Network.
This service refers to a globally scaled network containing geographically distributed servers for rapid content delivery.


A Web Application Firewall.
This service blocks many attacks that exploit its vulnerabilities, such as SQLi and XSS.
It protects your visitors and monitors your pages and forms from potential attacks. At the same time it prevents your customers' information from falling into the wrong hands.

Proposed options


This service (disaster recovery plan) allows your company to recover quickly and in less than an hour when your data is lost in case of hacking, disaster, or major incident.

You are guaranteed a quick recovery if you add this option to your NuxitMax package.

Your data is replicated to a second datacenter located far from the first. And, in just three clicks, your DRP is activated without any configuration on your part.

Configuration assistance

In order to set up a specific configuration, or change the value of an option, simply send an e-mail to support@magic.fr.

Updated on 29 November 2022

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