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Dedicated or virtual server?

In the context of private server rental offers physics or virtualThe responsibility of the host is often misunderstood and is a source of conflict between the host and his client.

In order to begin, here is the distinction between the two parts:

Do not confuse host and administrator

  • Hosting a server is to provide the customer with physical resources (memory, processor, disk, network ...). The mission of the hosting company is to maintain these resources available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The responsibility of a hosting company is exclusively on the hardware and network aspect.
  • Administration of a serverThe management of the server, often called outsourcing, consists in managing the operating system as well as the software installed on the server (Plesk, Apache, MySQL, PHPetc.). Except in special cases, hosting companies never provide server administration.

In simpler words, the host takes care of the crib but not the baby, the apartment but not the furniture.

Then proceed to distinguish between the types of servers rented by the group:

Dedicated or virtual server?

A dedicated server is a machine installed in our datacenter with dedicated resources for which you are the only administrator.

A VDS or VPS (Virtual Dedicated Server or Virtual Private Server) is a virtual machine installed on a dedicated server with independent dedicated resources (CPU, Ram, HDD).
Our virtual servers are based on OpenVZ virtualization.

A dedicated server offers more performance since the resources are dedicated and not shared.

A virtual server offers almost the same performance at a lower cost and greater flexibility (the addition of cpu, ram etc. is done in a few minutes thanks to virtualization) while for a dedicated server a physical intervention is necessary for any modification.

Outsourcing with complete autonomy

If you don't have the knowledge, the time or the desire to manage a serverYou can count on our support to help you administer, monitor and troubleshoot your server through our sntegrated outsourcing services with complete autonomy.

Our outsourcing services with complete autonomy are with no package or commitment.

You simply credit hours with the assurance of paying only when we intervene.

In this configuration, the customer remains responsible for the administration of his system by defaultwell accompanied by our experts.

Total outsourcing

The total outsourcing of a server consists in completely relieving you of the tasks of system administration, to supervise and guarantee the perfect operation of the platform as a whole. This goes far beyond the framework of hosting, since Magic Online is then engaged on software warranties and is no longer limited to the provision of infrastructure.

There are several considerations to take into account:

  • You would no longer have administrator access, since this access would be under our responsibility.
  • The platform would be built around specific bricks, possibly customized, managed by Magic Online. No control panel.

Do not hesitate to contact your sales representative at 0805297171.

Updated on 5 December 2022

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