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FTP access via TOWEB

In this guide, we will see how to access in FTP via TOWEB.


Make sure that the domain name points to our www hosting servers (field A).

Make a ping www.VOTRE_NOM_DE_DOMAINE.TLD in a terminal.

The ping result should show the IP address of our shared server.

Please note that FTPS is not available on our shared platform.

Download and install the TOWEB application

You can use the link https://www.lauyan.com/fr/download-toweb.html (or the link of your choice).

Download TOWeb

Press Run.


Click on Next.


Click Next again.

Access-in-ftp-via-toweb- installation

Go to Finish to finalize the installation.

Acceder-en-ftp-via-toweb- installation - 1

Start the TOWEB application

You can start it with the template of your choice to create your site.

Access-ftp-via-toweb- bluedeskcorp

Put the name of your website. Put VOTREDOMAINE in the field Name of the site.

FTP access via Webacappella-edition standard

FTP access via the TOWEB application

Follow the tab Publish of the TOWEB application. Click on the button Configure your host.


Choose Custom Configuration and put WWW.VOTREDOMAINE.TLD or the ip address of the server that hosts your website. Do not check the FTP/TLS.

Click Next to enter the FTP login and password.


If you don't have the FTP codes, you must change them.

Set the publishing directory to httpdocs.


Insert your mailbox to test the server's PHP.

The test will send you an email with a code, check if you received the same code by email and validate with Yes or No depending on the result.


The test is passed.

You can press Next to choose the Passive mode.


TOWEB will show you that the configuration is successfully completed.

Publish your website via the TOWEB application

Finally, just click on the button Publish changes.

If you have a failure, please check the following:

  • Your FTP accesses are incorrect, you must change them
  • Your antivirus software blocks port 21: disable it
  • Your firewall is blocking the connection: disable it
  • Restart your computer before retesting the connection with the correct credentials to avoid cache problems
Updated on 16 December 2022

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