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Add and manage a subdomain

The following article describes how to add and manage a subdomain from your customer area.

What is a subdomain?

Subdomains are the part of a domain that comes before the main domain name.

For example:
magic.fr is a domain
www.magic.fr is a sub-domain
support.magic.fr is also a sub-domain
order.magic.com is also a sub-domain

You can use all kind of letters from A to Z, numbers from 0 to 9 and the hyphen (-). The name must begin and end with a letter or a number. Blank space is definitely not allowed.

why do you need a subdomain ?

A subdomain allows to shorten URL when it is too long.

It allows websites to separate and organize content for a specific function, such as a blog or an online store.

For international companies, subdomains are used to create different language versions of a website such as en.yoursite.com or fr.yoursite.com, and even a mobile version like m.yoursite.com.

You can also use subdomains for geographical locations. For example london.yoursite.com, newyork.yoursite.com, paris.yoursite.com, etc.

For private use, you can use your first or last name as a subdomain.

A subdomain URL will allow you to tie in keywords relevant to your site, which is a great opportunity for you to improve SEO rankings based on those keywords.

Add subdomain

If your domain name has external DNS servers, it will be useless to follow this guide steps.

First, go to your trademark control panel, MAGIC or NUXIT.

On the dashboard, click Domain in the left menu, or the shortcut.

Domain listing

Panel displays domains and sub-domains list.

Domains list

Click ACTIONS button, then Add Subdomain.

Action button for domains

If you do not see Add Subdomain action, then either your domain has expired, or it does not have our DNS servers.

You can also click the domain name in the list, then button ADD SUBDOMAIN.

Add subdomain button

Write down subdomain name and click OK.

New subdomain name

Subdomain is added successfully.

Subdomain added successfully

Manage subdomain

Still on your panel dashboard, left menu Domains. All domains and subdomains will be listed. Go on the subdomain ACTIONS button.

Manage subdomain

If domains list is long, you can click on the domain name, and view all his linked subdomains. ACTIONS menu is viewed once again.

View subdomains linked to a domain

View summary

Still on your panel dashboard, left menu Domains. Search for the subdomain, click ACTIONS button then View Summary.

Subdomain status is displayed. You can manage its DNS records, or deletet it.

Manage subdomain

Delete subdomain

Still on your panel dashboard, left menu Domains. Search for the subdomain, click ont it, then tik DELETE button.

Delete subdomain

Confirm subdomain removal.

Confirm subdomain removal

Subdomain is deleted successfully.

Subdomain removed successfully

Manage DNS records

Still on your panel dashboard, left menu Domains. Search for the subdomain, tik ACTIONS button then Manage DNS Records.

Subdomain DNS Records

ADD NEW RECORD button allows you to add various DNS records for the subdomain.

Add subdomain DNS record

Follow this support link steps.

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Updated on 29 March 2022

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