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How to setup MacOS Mail

The following article describes how to set up an e-mail address on MacOS Mail tool.

First, go to your trademark control panel, MAGIC or NUXIT.


We do not recommend using this guide if you have already attempted an unsuccessful email address configuration. It is therefore vital to restart your computer or laptop before following steps in this help link.

Shared hosting


The following article concerns only Shared Hosting new offers such as START, BOOST, MAX and Performance.

1- First, open Mac Mail tool, choose Other Mail Account, then Continue.

Open Mail tool

2- Enter your First and Last Name, the e-mail address, and its password. We are using myaddress@magic-mol.fr in this example. Click on Sign In.

Sign In

3- Sometimes, parameters are not automatically detected, and the window displays connection error. You only need to put the correct values.

Connection errors

POP IMAP parameters

This help link explains difference between POP and IMAP protocols.

1- Enter the following configuration parameters in the appropriate fields.

Email Address : your e-mail address
Username : votre adresse e-mail complète (champ obligatoire)
Password : the e-mail address password
Account Type : IMAP or POP
Incoming Mail Server : imap.webmo.fr
Incoming Mail Server : pop.webmo.fr
Outgoing Mail Server : smtp.webmo.fr

Click Sign In once again.

POP IMAP settings

2- Click Done since configration has been successfully done.

Mailbox connected

3- Mail can display a privacy protection alert. You are free to confirm.

Privacy Protection

4- E-mail address is ready.

Address mail ready

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Updated on 3 August 2022

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