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Pro Email Address Setup on Samsung Galaxy - Android


This guide is dedicated only to our subscribers who have subscribed to the former Plesk shared hosting packages (Mail100, Mail1000, Mail10000, SMART, DISCOUNT, PRO and SECURE).

In this guide we take as an example the domain " groupemagiconline.fr " and the following configuration parameters;

- Email address : adressetest@groupemagiconline.fr TO BE REPLACED BY YOURADDRESSEMAIL@YOURDOMAIN.TLD

- Incoming server: mail.magic.fr TO BE REPLACED BY MAIL.YOURDOMAIN.TLD

- Outgoing server: mail.magic.fr TO BE REPLACED BY MAIL.YOURDOMAIN.TLD

Please replace these values with those of your email address and server name belonging to your domain.


It is not recommended to follow this guide if you have already tried to configure your mail address is that it did not work. Try to restart your cell phone before applying the steps in this help link.

First open the menu, then follow 'Email'.


Go to the "Settings" menu.


Follow the '+' to add an email account.


Then, put the email address in question and the associated password.

Your phone will ask for the type of account you want to set up.


Set your account configuration settings as noted on the print screen.

- If you are hosted on the Linux shared platform, you can use the POP or IMAP protocol on the incoming server.

- If you are hosted on the Windows shared platform, you can only use the POP protocol with the limit of one connection per email address.

POP protocol:

IMAP protocol:

SMTP settings

Audit in progress


Finally, configuration of the application according to your needs


Congratulations! You have successfully created your account.

This is the end of this tutorial, thank you for your attention.

Updated on 15 July 2019

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